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7 Steps to Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter

According to the Indoor Air Quality Association, heating and air conditioning maintenance is one of the easiest ways to avoid costly breakdowns. As a matter of fact, you can reduce unexpected breakdowns by up to 95% by having regular maintenance done.

There are seven things you should do outside of regular maintenance to ensure your furnace is ready for winter.

1. Turn on Your Furnace

You want to be sure to turn your furnace on before winter arrives. A lot of people find out at the beginning of the heating season when they need heat that their heating system does not work. It is better to find out that you have a heating issue before the heating season.

2. Visually Assess Your Furnace

Part of your annual heating check is doing a visual inspection. Make note of anything that seems out of place. Look for loose wires and any obvious damage.

3. Clean Around the Furnace

Be sure that you clear away any debris from the furnace to ensure safety and proper airflow. Never pile boxes or bags up near your furnace. It is important that you never block the air intake on your furnace.

4. Change the Filter

It is important that you change the filter on your furnace regularly. Before you fire up the heating system for the season, one of the simplest heating and air conditioning maintenance tasks you can do is to change the air filter on your system.

5. If You Have a Humidifier on Your System, Check It

Some furnaces are outfitted with humidifiers. It is important that you check your humidifier before you turn on your heat for the season. If it needs attention or repair, now is the time to do it.

6. Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

While you are conducting your preseason heating and air conditioning maintenance, you should take the time to check your carbon monoxide detectors. Remembering to check the function of your carbon monoxide detectors during your yearly heating and air conditioning maintenance will ensure safe operation.

7. Change the Batteries on Your Thermostat

If your thermostat uses batteries, change the batteries before you turn on your heating system. Fresh batteries in your thermostat will ensure that your thermostat is accurate.

The easiest way to avoid problems with your heating system is to get professional heating and air conditioning maintenance regularly.